GTON Capital: reimagining the utility and scalability of Web3

GTON Capital is building an ecosystem of blockchain products whose combined features will make Web 3.0 more sustainable and value-driven

GTON Academy. Choosing a blockchain platform: key factors

In this post, we'll discuss the main factors to be considered while choosing a blockchain platform.

GTON Academy. Data oracles: fetching offchain data to the blockchain

In this post, we are looking at blockchain oracles, which deliver real-world data to the blockchain.

A guide for new GTON token holders

If you’re new to GTON Capital, this write-up will show you how to start utilising it.

⚜️GTON Capital attends EthCC in 🇫🇷Paris

This post features the key takeaways from one of the crypto space's most important events

GTON Academy. L2 solutions: solving Ethereum's scalability issue

In this article, we are looking at some L2 solutions that aim to solve the Ethereum network's scalability issue

GTON Capital partners with DeNet

GTON Capital partners with DeNet to expand GTON Network’s infrastructure with more opportunities for data operation.

GTON Capital Partners With DIA

GTON Capital partners with DIA (Decentralised Information Asset) to provide a more reliable and secure data on GTON Network

GTON Academy. Bonding: What It Is And How It Works On GTON Capital

GTON Academy. Bonding: What It Is And How It Works On GTON Capital

GTON Capital whitelists Web3London

Furthering the collaboration with Web3London, we provided its community with a limited opportunity to get GTON tokens with a discount.

$GCD: Development Completed, Testing In Progress

GTON Capital starts public testing of GTON Capital Money protocol ($GCD)

GTON Academy. All You Need To Know About Staking

In this article, we'll discuss what staking is in a nutshell, how it works on GTON Capital and what economic model it's based upon.